Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I think this outfit is so amazingly nice in its simplicity. I really like how it made the look a little more relaxed! We have a hotter weather now so its nice to not have a mop on my head. It was a hot sunny day the other day so I picked out
my red polo shirt. I need more polo shirts. MOOOREEE!! 

I also purchased a pair of shoes last week which i have been saving for 1 month. (isn’t it amazing when you finally have enough to justify purchasing something.

 I also bought a colored pants since I’ve been wanting to see what they look like on me.. The temperature is heating up big time and you can feel the summer vibes. And with that , ill need to say goodbye to my favourite blazers and wool stuffs. But I’m adamant this summer to try new things and experiment with new ways to wear some of my older items.

Then this awesome sunglasses, I just couldn’t resist this, now that the sun is really up. 

 I think i look absolutely amazing in this outfit with my bag! I'm totally in love with this!

What I'm wearing:

Polo shirt- Ralph Lauren®
Colored Pants- UNIQLO
Shoes- Saint Angelo
Herbag- Hermès
Sunnies- Gucci

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