Monday, March 30, 2015


It's been more than a year since my last blog. I've been busy with a lot of works, so completely forgot about blogging.. :)

Had such a wonderful time at the beach. I couldn't get enough of it! Even the rain couldn't stop me. haha! Something about it simply entices me all the time. Punta Punting, Guimaras is a small resort and just across of the beautiful Costa Guada Island. Must-see Islands in Philippines.

Options! Options! Options! You have to know girls that men have that now, not just options in colors or fits, but in patterns and prints.

When I got this button-down shirt from People are People, I knew exactly where and how would I wear it. You know guys I follow a lot of bloggers and noticed that they always style it with a pair of colored shorts or jeans. Oh well I have to say that they pull it off so well. For myself I always have to keep it unique and interesting for you guys.

I thought about not wearing a fedora hat but I change my mind when I looked at myself and realized I needed it for the sun. 

This is probably my fave shorts from UNIQLO, you know that I'm such a sucker of unique stuffs.

I really love this pair of white Birkenstock slip on sandals that my Aunt gave me from HK. They are nice and just perfect for the beach. I love the leather and they are actually pretty comfortable.

I love the fact that I didn't have any plans for this trip, not worrying about anything. Except maybe deciding what to wear on this trip.haha! Beach makes my life happy and easier. Hope you enjoyed my guimaras trip. :)

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