Wednesday, May 22, 2013


The most wonderful time of the year deserves an amazing wonderful look. Don’t be afraid of unusual pairings, they usually yield the best results.  I know, I know, when it's summer, we’re supposed to dress up in all the colors of the rainbow, but for some reason I’ve been really drawn to simple, black/white outfits lately.


 I was a little bit afraid of studs previously, considering them kinda dangerous and uncomfy. But one day I was too curious and decided to try them.

This studded shoulder vest and fedora appears to be so light and vintage that I barely felt it at the end of the day. Actually it took some time for me to buy these but I love how it gives a finishing touch to my look.

LOVE. I always have a hard time finding nice, comfortable summer shoes that aren’t super pricey, but the other month, I found these amazing shoes and it was love at first sight!

My SUMMER has been one of the most fun, yet exhausting ones in a really long time. Anyways, here’s a mini photo diary of my recent trip to Puerto Del Mar, Guimaras last month. The beach is really clean, fresh and perfect.  I still can’t get enough of this island! How could you not with a view like this!

The sights we got to see were beyond amazing.  It offers a panoramic site which makes it an interesting place to visit. The resort is a combination of beauty and tranquility as it is set againts a backdrop of blue seas, clear skies and amazing landscapes.

There are some moments, when I want to feel calm and relaxed, just escape from our rapidly moving world.

Vacation time means happy tummy time, and no one is happy when they can’t eat what they want! :D LOVE SEAFOODS!!!

There is so much to be discovered throught this area.  Check my blog soon. :) 

What I'm wearing:

Vest- Levi's 
Shorts- Old Navy
White tee- Hanes
Shoes- Saint Angelo 

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