Saturday, April 13, 2013


 Being me means to be bored staying in the same style all the time. Once we enjoy warm and sunny days and the next moment we have to put on blazers. Well, this makes us wait for real summer even more.

It's summer… and for a lack of a better word.. It's insanely HOT! Fortunately i recently picked up this amazing blazer, its unlined and has working cuffs, so it makes for a lovely relaxed fit. I went for an all out classic-inspired look with this outfit. Something I often do during summer.

Mixing and matching is something about summer that every guy should love. People feel less restricted in the warmer weather and with that comes with the feeling of not being so formal with suiting. I love the booties. Very cool collected colour combo.

What I'm wearing: 

Blazer- J.Crew
Red Jeans- Levi's
Booties- Dr. Martens

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